Friday, March 12, 2010

Hybatid disease in wolves

The next bad thing that is happening with the bringing of wolves back into the western states is Hybatid disease infestations in the wolf population.
This disease is transferred back and forth through the wolf killing deer and elk or sheep and then contracted by all.Man can get the disease also.It can attack the body such as the liver,heart and lungs and kill you after a painful ordeal with the disease.
Finally we have to look to history. Wolves have been exterminated from liveing in landscapes close to humans because they, or their diseases, posed a serious threat to people, livestock and wild life.
The lessons from history are that we can at best live with wolves if such are relatively few, the abundance of natural prey is high, and the risk from diseases non existent. We have the means and intelligence to achieve such.
But do we have the money?
So why do we bring these wolves back into our life?

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