Monday, January 11, 2010

Use these guide lines when skinning and transporting your wolf home;

When skinning an animal use these common sense precautions:
Wear rubber (latex) gloves.

Minimize contact with animal fluids, brain and spinal tissues.
Wash hands and knives thoroughly after you field dress.

It's legal to harvest a radio-collared wolf, but the collar must be returned to Fish and Game. Please don't cut the collar belting.

Some wolves suffer from mange-a parasitic infestation caused by mites that results in the loss of fur.

Hunters should avoid skinning a mangy wolf.

Tag the animal and report the kill to Fish and Game.

Hunters can expect a field-dressed adult wolf pelt to weigh about 15 pounds.

An early autumn wolf pelt won't be quite as prime as a late season winter hide, but most will have thick and ample fur for tanning.

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