Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oregon wolves

As you can see the western states all are getting their share of wolves,this is why I emphasize that hunting the wolf will never fracture the wolf's infrastructure now.
To many places to hide and to big an area to kill off the wolf population.
Oregon has to kill two wolves that have moved in to close to a cattle ranch.
Sad news came in early yesterday morning, on the same day that Idaho kicked off the first wolf hunt in the West in decades.

Oregon's fledgling wolf population is taking a hit this week as ODFW yesterday issued a kill order on two wolves that have repeatedly ventured too close to a northeast Oregon ranch--and at times killed livestock.

The pair of wolves have traveled together in and out of the Eagle Cap Wilderness and made headlines this April after a late night foray into a sheep pen in the Keating Valley.

Here at Oregon Wild, we are saddened by this blow to the still small wolf population in our state. We hope that this action to kill two wolves (an action that follows the protocol of the Oregon Wolf Management Plan) quells the hyperbole from those in the ranching community who feel the need to shoot any wolf on sight. Our plan can accommodate the removal of wolves that chronically depradate livestock. Wildlife managers have all the authority they need

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